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North Jakarta Local Government Demolishes 33 Fishing Shacks

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Rabu, 27 Agustus 2003 13:55 WIB
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  • TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: North Jakarta Localgovernment began the demolition of 33 fishing shacksin East Ancol this morning (4/10).

    North Jakarta government secretary, PinondangSimanjuntak, said that all shacks in the areabelonging to PT Pelindo would be demolished today.He says the government had asked the fishermen livingin these shacks to leave the area prior to September27.

    The demolishing action, that involved dozens of NorthJakarta staff and personnel from North Jakarta Police,began at 6 a.m. this morning. Two tractors were usedto demolish these semi-permanent houses. In an attemptto defend their houses, the fishermen launchedprotests.

    One fisherman, Tejo (45), said that the government wasacting arbitrarily. Tejo claims the government hadpromised to provide 6.3 million rupiah in compensationbut the people affected had still not received any money. Tejo suggested the fishermen wouldwillingly leave the area as soon as the compensationmonies are provided. (Ucok Efri Ritonga)



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